JACK LIU Projection Calculator (V2.1)

Luminance Calculation

Rated Lumen:1500

Calibrated Lumen:

Max Zoom Loss:%

Lamp Aging Loss:%

Actual Lumen:1200

Screen Gain:

Luminance: ftL






Select brand/modelmounting method, room size.

Usage 1) Drag projector to get desired projection distance and installation height, then adjust zoom and lens shift to get picutre size and installation data.

Usage 2) Set picture size and lock it, then adjust zoom to determine min and max projection distance of the projector.

Note 1: browser compatibility: IE11, Chrome 54, Firefox 50.02. Suggest using Chrome/Firefox to get full functionality of the calculator.

Note 2: data is based on user mannual and official information, and the calculation result is for reference only.

Note 3: projection offset is vertical offset of upper edge of the picture relative to lens (positive if upper edge of the picture is below the lens, negtive if above the lens).

Note 4: calculation for aspect ratio 2.35:1 is only based on 16:9 pixel configuration (1920x1080, 3840x2160).

    , Aspect Ratio: , Actual Lumen: , Luminance: ftL Chinese Version      




Mounting Method


Unit Option


Room Size

Length     in

Height      in

Width       in

Picture Size



Diagonal  in


Width       in

Height      in


Installation Data

Prj. Dist.   in

Pic2Floor  in

Prj. Offset in



Lens Shift

Vertical: %

%                %

Horizontal: %

%                %


v2.1 released 2018/3/26:

1) Added "Viewer" in side view (height 1200mm/47.2in, can be dragged back and forth, can be hidden), thus user can determin if someone seated is in the way of the light path.

2) Revised algorithm for Ultra Short Throw projectors - the light cone now comes from inside the case instead of front panel.

3) For Ultra Short Throw projectors, picture diagonal size defaults to 100".

v2.0 released 2018/1/1:

1) For Zoomed 2.35:1 option, limit the zoom/lens shift range to allow for re-zoom to 16:9 pic with the same height.

2) Disabled Zoomed 2.35:1 option for projectors have no enough zoom and lens shift range.

3) Highlighted above zoom and lens shift limitation for Zoomed 2.35:1 option with a new information window.

4) For picture front view, use darker blue to highlight the 2.35:1 picture inside the 16:9 picture, and vice versa.

5) Added a new line into Picture Size section, to show diagonal of the 2.35:1 picture inside 16:9 picture, and vice versa.

v1.9 released 2017/12/24:

1) Room size, projector position and mounting method will be kept as user specified value, when changing brand/model.

2) When no brand/model selected, the "default" projector will have 300% v-shift range and 200% h-shift range, which can be useful to experiment with required lens shift range.

3) Imperial infomation (e.g. 6'12") added to picture diagonal/width/height, picture to floor and projection offset.

v1.8 released 2017/10/23:

1) Added Luminance Calculation feature - the final piece to the puzzle. Besides default values summarized from 3rd party reviews, you can input your own calibrated lumen, max zoom loss, lamp aging loss and screen gain.  ft/lamberts value is calculated in real time.

2) Added the 3rd Picture Size option: Anamorphic 2.35:1 - With the up/down arrows, you can specify the cinemascope ratio from 2.35 to 2.40 to match your own screen ratio.

v1.7 released 2017/10/15:

Optimized print layout for lens shift feature: all information is presented within one A4 paper. 

V1.6 released 2017/10/9:

Added horizontal lens shift feature.

- Combined with existing zoom and vertical lens shift algorithm, JACK LIU Projection Calculator continues to be intuitive and powerful, one of its kind. 

V1.5 released 2017/10/2:

1) Added aspect ratio option 16:9 and 2.35:1.

2) Bug fix for divide zero issue when base projection offset is 0.

3) Bug fix for incorrect handling of radio boxes being checked multiple times.

4) Adjusted text layout and data pannel margin for better user experience. 

V1.4 released 2017/9/23:

1) Bug fix for incorrect calculation when zoom slider is not at telephoto end or wide angle end.

2) Switch zoom slider direction (1.0x means wide angle instead of telephoto).

3) Enlarge print button.

4) Minor bug fix. 

V1.3 released 2017/9/21:

Added "Print" button with optimized printable area. 

V1.2 released 2017/8/26:

1) Added with Unit Option (Metric vs. Imperial/US).

2) Ajusted checkboxes' position to make room for imperial information.

3) Improved handling for out of boundary data input. 

English Version released 2017/7/20:

JACK LIU Projection Calculator English Version is online July 20, 2017. This projection calculator provides the unique feature in the industry - both Zoom and Lens Shift calculation for home theather projectors in the market.


1.jack.liu  2017-7-20 23:21:04 回复该留言
JACK LIU Projection Calculator is online July 20, 2017.
This projection calculator provides the unique feature in the industry - both Zoom and Lens Shift calculation for home theather projectors in the market.
2.jack.liu  2017-8-24 22:07:38 回复该留言
If the model you are interested is not in the database, or if you have any question on the usage, or you want to report a bug, feel free to write a comment.
You can also contact me by email jack.liu@reviewtranslations.com.

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